Castelmola is an interesting and picturesque settlement, where a certain rugged authenticity mixes with tourist-oriented craft shops. Signs lead you uphill to the thirteenth-century Castello, which is dramatically situated to command the hills and valleys. The little streets and alleys are worth exploring before you make your way back down to Taormina.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Castelmola and Bar Turrisi

Bar Turrisi at Castelmola At the end of the 19th century the famous German baron W. Von Gloden sent a message to all the world with his photographs of nude men and almond trees, as well as with his poetry, reflecting Sicily's absolute freedom. These ideals, always floating on the air of this warm and dry land, find a collocation and an exaltation well defined in Bar Turrisi. The Penis, together with the other ornamental items such as a Sicilian cart, puppets, old keys to mention a few, try to synthesize part of Sicilian culture.